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    The stars are so big, the earth is so small, Stay as you are (i)

    A series of hand printed photographs made from images of television static using various distressing techniques of 35mm film. The distressing process used in creating these works captures the physical act of destroying the content of the medium part way through the process, a physical representation of the idea of  ‘the medium is the message’, or the content of the medium means little compared to the affect the medium itself has on society. The original visual elements recorded in the film fade away as they are destroyed and a new visual environment is created. Through this process I am looking to capture the feeling of technology creating new landscapes of thought and experience, as well as the physical affects technology has on the landscape itself.

    “A medium creates a totally new environment for the human senses. It creates a totally new world and a totally new outlook for populations.” Marshall McLuhan


    Mount size 9.5 x 15", Image Size 4.5 x 4.5"


    Hand Printed Colour Photograph and Circular White Mount